Sunday, October 22, 2017


I am very, very sad to announce that Ove Karlsson passed away this morning, 22 October, at the age of 71.

Multi-instrumentalist and key member of Arbete & Fritid as well as Nya Ljudbolaget, plus a participant in many, many other projects including the majestic free jazz big band G.L. Unit, Karlsson was a stellar character on the progg scene. His importance cannot be overrated – without him, so much music I and countless of others dearly love would never have been made. Certainly not in the way we know it.

I never knew him personally but we did exchange a few messages over Facebook. He was always very kind, even when he was ill, which he was for a long time, spending his final months in Mora Hospital. But he was a fighter and should be remembered as such, bravely battling his ailments and illnesses up until the very end when he just couldn't fight it no more. He refused to give up, and so he won even though he lost the ultimate battle.

My sincerest thoughts go to Ove's family – do know that he will be in our hearts and minds, through his music that will remain a never fading reminder of one man's overwhelming creativity and vision.

Rest forever in peace, Ove, and thanks for touching our souls!

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  1. So sad to hear this...
    He was s vital part of my late teenager/early 20´s musical experience here in Sweden - Arbete & Fritid ruled, especially live!