Sunday, October 8, 2017

SUNDANCE – Sundance (Harvest, 1976)

International relevance: ***
Instrumental, Swedish vocals

As in many places, fusion was a big thing in Sweden in the 70's, prompting several forgettable outfits to produce a fair amount of vastly forgettable albums. Enter Sundance, whose pedestrian 1976 effort is most notable for featuring Ahmadu Jarr on three tracks, and excellent jazz maestro Gilbert Holmström on flute and various saxophones. The album is tedious at best, annoying at worst mainly due to Carl-Axel Hall's intrusive clavinet, and Anita Nyman's equally irritating vocals – ”Some Drunk” is especially grating.

Other players include guitarist Ulf Wakenius (Guitars Unlimited, Hawk On Flight among others), Neils Nordin (Hawk On Flight, Tottas Bluesband with former Nynningen singer Totta Näslund), trumpeter Stephen Frankevich (Soffgruppen), and session cellist Ingemar Brantelid.

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