Saturday, October 7, 2017

TEQUILA – Power (Toniton, 1974)

International relevance: **
English vocals

The Toniton label are mostly known for gas station releases and Top of the Pops styled budget compilations, with Bib Set's ludicrously rare ”It Wasn't Meant to Happen” collecting the highest progg points. Tequila aren't included in ”The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music” but would at least pass for 'fringe progg', my term for albums that are not quite progg but not quite not progg either. Mainly a salsa/Latin album thankfully avoiding over-the-top Santana moves, ”Power” has enough of jazzy 70's touches and funkiness (note the wah-wah work on ”Someone to Love”) to warrant an inclusion here. ”Power” is quite good if you're into this kind of thing, well performed with a credible enough groove. The major exception is the boneheaded ”Cozumel”, a cringeworthy mock reggae track.

Most progg collectors pass up on albums like this, which might explain why you still can find it relatively cheap, usually in the €20-40 range.

Guitarist Jörgen Höglund went further down the jazz funk track with his 1980 album ”Leaving It Up to You”. Percussionist Rafael Sida is still active and has appeared in various settings over the years, including Hot Salsa, a very popular 80's latin band. In the mid 00's he teamed up with Swedish world music legend Ale Möller, and has a trio going with fiddler Ellika Frisell and kora player Solo Cissokho. They have released three CD's to date, including ”Now” in 2013 on Bengt Berger's excellent Country & Eastern imprint.

Someone to Love

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