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LOVE EXPLOSION – Love Explosions bästa låtar (MNW, 1971) / LAG & ORDNING - 51, Moderately Beat (Ramblin' UNLTD, 1975/1979)

 LOVE EXPLOSION – Love Explosions bästa låtar (MNW, 1971)
International relevance: **
Swedish vocals

LAG & ORDNING – 51, Moderately Beat (Ramblin' UNLTD, 1975/1979)
International relevance: **
Swedish vocals

It's impossible not to compare Gothenburg's Love Explosion and Uppsala's Gudibrallan. Both of them were first generation Gärdet proggers, both of them utilized a sense of vulgarity, and neither of them bothered too much with skills, as confirmed by the albums they released at the time. Classic albums at that, but with one major thing to set Gudibrallan and Love Explosion apart: Love Explosion's ”Bästa låtar” is a very bad album.

Love Explosion sound just like they're acting, dumbing themselves down, trying to dazzle people with their self-conscious incompetence: ”Listen to this! We can't play! We're so progg! Cool, eh? And we can say 'cock' on record too! Sooo subversive and daring, eh? Now dig us!” Rebels without a cause. Or giggly kids yelling ”poo!” at the dinner table.

I don't have an 'official' Worst of Progg list, but if I did, this would certainly be on it.

The entire album of puerile dross is available free for download from the band's website, including the original version of ”Djävulens patrask”, an unauthorized Swedish translation of Bob Dylan's ”Desolation Row”. The illicit use of Dylan's music prompted MNW to hastily replace the original edition of the album with a new issue including a rewritten all-original version of the controversial track. The website also offer albums by a later incarnation of the band.

The original Love Explosion disbanded in 1972. Singer Dennis Huntington went on to form Lag & Ordning who recorded an album in 1975 that went unreleased until 1979 when it appeared on private imprint Ramblin' UNLTD. ”51, Moderately Beat” is less folksy and more of a blues and rock'n'roll oriented effort, including Chuck Berry and Reverend Gary Davis covers in Swedish. Had it been a British album, it would probably have been lumped in with scruffier pub rock acts such as The Count Bishops. Still slapdash and raggedy but far more pertinent, ”51, Moderately Beat” is quite simply a much better album than ”Love Explosions bästa låtar”. Better yet, it stands out as an object lesson of the straightforward Gothenburg brand of progg.

Two tracks from "51, Moderately Beat" also appears on Röda Ropet's 1975 album "Spänn bågen", "Nynnat och sjungit" and "Rudolf e stark".

With ”51, Moderately Beat” trapped in limbo, Huntington started Huntington Band who released one underrated album in 1977, refining the down & dirty vibe of Lag & Ordning.


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