Wednesday, October 4, 2017

MYRBEIN – Myrornas krig (Ljudskyddsföreningen Myrbein, 1981)

International relevance: -
Swedish vocals

I seriously have no clue what these people are on about, and quite obviously, neither do they. Judging by the cover version of ”Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part II” included as a bonus track on the 1993 CD reissue of their album (the only one they made, thank goodness), they were die-hard King Crimson fans. I also sense a slight Magma influence on tracks such as ”De fyra stånden” and ”Bara du”, a bit of Zappa on ”Ur spår!”, and possibly some Samla Mammas Manna on ”Gånglåt till Peson”. But unlike any of those, Myrbein have no basic comprehension of composition, constantly getting in the way of themselves, helplessly lost in the hodge-podge of ”complicated” time signatures they stack up like a pile of dung. Here and there, they add some kind of ill-conceived ”new wave” touches which – believe it or not – makes this stinker even worse. One of the track titles asks ”Är du förvirrad?” – ”are you confused?” Well, you tell me.

Listening to ”Myrornas krig” is like listening to a mathematician trying to explain the principles of the universe without even knowing how to add 1 to 1 and get a proper result.

For a much more appropriate sample of lesser known Swedish early 80's art rock/RIO, try ”Barndomens stigar” by Kultivator, released in the same year by people who at least could tell a chair from a fork. ”Myrornas krig” is the kind of stuff that massacres art rock so bad it will never again recover from the injuries. Avoid at all costs!

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