Thursday, October 5, 2017

OCCIDENT – Occident (Zamir, 1981)

International relevance: **
Swedish vocals, instrumental

A later date private pressing, released with an insert, in supposedly only a couple of hundred copies. Often categorized as fusion, the eight tracks are in fact very different in style. Mostly instrumental, it features a couple of spoken passages in Swedish, female vocals in English on ”Life/Liv”, and wordless female vocals on the easy, laidback ”Whale Song” (that sounds just like the album cover looks). There's a light afro influence on ”Flingan” and ”Slag”, the latter assumably inspired by Talking Heads' ”Remain in Light” released the previous year. ”Trofast” in turn sounds like a cross between The Band's ”The Weight” and Jimi Hendrix's ”Angel”.

The album has a few pleasant moments and being well played it might be of passing interest to funk and jazz fusion fans, but it's also a rather non-descript affair, thus failing to make a lasting impression. Copies are rare but usually in the €50-60 range.

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